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Shamans, Avatars and Painted Caves

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Little Bear, a beautiful and gifted young rock artist, descends into the awesome Great Cave guided by “the Grandfather”, the oldest, most powerful shaman of her tribe, the People of the Bear Mother. Within the unfathomable darkness of the deepest chambers of the forbidding Great Cave of the Bear Mother, she is to make a new image of her hunting tribe’s most significant myth. And she is to create a painting in a place where nothing has been allowed to be added to the cave’s fantastical animal art for countless generations of her people. But before she may enter the spirit-filled caverns, Little Bear must be initiated with trials, mysterious rites and deep personal revelations of the meaning of the cave art she encounters.

In spite of her fear of the old shaman, her hesitance to take the shaman’s path, and her mother’s strong opposition, Little Bear agrees to accept this life-altering invitation to embark on her soul’s great hero adventure. How will this journey into the depths of her own psyche transform her life among the People of the Bear Mother? How will this experience change all the subsequent lifetimes her avatar will experience?

Through this story of one young woman’s life among the People of the Bear Mother, explore the deep spiritual meaning of our earliest human ancestor’s magnificent animal art that is still capable of moving us deeply today. Come into a Stone Age world of hunters, of the animal messengers and guides of the Unseen Power that still inhabit our universe and discover the significance of Little Bear’s “lion eye”.  

Double Finalist Award Winner For
Chick Lit-Women's Fiction
Gay-Lesbian Fiction

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